Pasamaneria means "Craft Store" in Spanish

Asociación Tkéna runs a “pasamaneria”- a craft store- which is open to all students and soon to the public. The teacher brings fabric and supplies to each class so that students can buy what they need right there.


There are a few reasons we do this. First, it’s a natural and easy way for the school to start making money, so that it too can be self-sufficient. The other reason is to make it easier for students to get materials. Before the Pasamaneria, in order to buy fabric and supplies the students had to take an hour-long bus ride to the nearest city. This costs money ($2.50 each way), and time, that they don’t have. Sometimes they must pay for their children too, which makes it more expensive.


By supplying materials to the students at fair prices, and cutting the travel time and expense, we are making it easier for them to succeed. Everything earned from selling materials goes back into our programs.


Women in the long-term courses, or those who have been with us a while have up to 10000 colones ($18) in credit at the craft store to start on their projects. We have a 100% repayment rate.