Sewing Schools

Serving Women in 5 Communities

The Sewing Schools are the backbone of Asociacion Tkena's work. We offer two different types of programs.

One is an intensive 2 year program where students attend several hours each week. The students also receive support and training in related skills which include emotional and spiritual development as well as budgeting, leadership skills, and entrepreneurship classes. We have seen the incredible growth of the women and the difference that this program makes in the lives of participants. This option is currently available in 2 towns, one where there is a completed classroom space, and the other where the classroom is being built.


The other option that we offer is once a week or every other week (depending on the community) and these classes are 3-4 hours and are focused on learning to specific skills and how to make specific types of garments. These classes are offered in 4 locations on a weekly or twice monthly schedule. These are the classes for which the teacher packs up the equipment and brings it to the location. These classes are usually given in local churches or community centers.


The less intensive classes often spark the desire in a student to continue to study sewing and become involved in the more intensive program.